My Signature Pant

During the hot spring and summer months, it's okay to wear a little less. When I wear a cropped top, I tend to pair it with my signature high-waist bottoms. This outfit equation works well for me because it not only looks great, but it hides my food baby bump amazingly.

A Pop Of Color

Gold, floral prints, and a pop of color are what I like to incorporate in many of my outfits. I wish the orange wall and the plants were an accessory that could follow me throughout the day. It feels like they should be a part of my outfit.

The Secret To Mixed Prints

This floral and print look I wore a little while back is one of my favorite combinations. Mixing prints can feel intimidating but fear not my fashionista. You can express your creative style with mixed prints with one of my style secrets.

The Cold Shoulder

Anytime I have an opportunity to reveal my shoulders I take it. There is something about exposed shoulder that radiates a subtle sexiness. This look became trendy in spring of this year. However, fashion is cyclical, so this isn’t the first time this style was the “it” look.