1 Affordable Way to Attract More Customers

You may be looking for an affordable way to attract more customers. Look no further than your phone. In today’s market, the mobile device is a marketers outlet of choice. Everyone’s attention is on their phone. I was just recently chatting with some co-workers about my personal obsession with my phone to the point where I pick it up with no real intentions in mind. It’s a bad habit, but one that your fashion brand should take full advantage of.

I recent read a Facebook News article with the headline Shoppers are using their mobile phones in stores. That’s a big opportunity. This article was pretty one sided, leaning hard toward the use of Facebook’s services. It discussed reasons why people are using Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger during their shopping experiences and why you should leverage that by optimizing your website for mobile, design your store to appeal to shoppers who are on their phones, and why you should use their Insights to Go tool to gain access to fashion insights from around the world. Facebook isn’t wrong here. You should take advantage of the fact that most people are tied to their smart phones.

The article got me thinking what is another way fashion brands can leverage this opportunity. I came up one. It’s not a new concept and it can be especially helpful for smaller fashion businesses whether you’re brick and mortar or operate solely online.

One word: Beacons. Often confused with Geofencing, they’re two different technologies that want to reach a similar goal. Think of Geofencing as a virtual parameter. It uses GPS points to send signals to a specific device that can trigger emails, text messages, or notifications when someone passes through that virtual parameter. This is great if you want to geographically target current of potential customers with special deals you’re offering. They’re in the vicinity, so they may be more likely to take you up on your offer. However, for a small business, there are a few downsides. Going the geofencing route may put a strain on your budget with cost ranging between $50,000 -$150,000 to start off with. The expensive technology works with your company’s app and requires an astronomical amount of data, therefore increasing data bills and decreasing mobile device battery life. I know I’m not here for that and your customers probably feel the same. Also, there is a controversy with it potentially being an invasion of privacy.

A great alternative and a less invasive option are beacons. This small device doesn’t access user data, instead it uses range of location to trigger a push notification to a user’s phone. No privacy concerns here. Oh, and another thing, beacon batteries can last up three years! Um, wow! A downside of this device is that the area it covers smaller in comparison to geofencing capabilities, However, they range from between $10 -$30 each, give or take. Buying a few more to cover a larger area won’t break the bank.

The options are endless with the types of notification you can send. Use your creativity and really do your research to discover who your customer is. Now you know one more way to reach them where their attention is.

There are so many ways to grow your fashion business and I hope you found this strategy helpful. Leave a comment below if you’ve tried beacons. I’d love to hear about your results. Thanks for reading.