9 Best Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2018

I have nine spring and summer trends that’ll you’ll want to give a try.

1.     The Oversized Statement Earring

This type of bold accessories will take a simple outfit to a whole other level. Don’t be afraid go big. You know what they say, The bigger the hoop the trendier you are. Okay, no one’s ever said that.

2.     Large Logos

Brands like Gucci and Kenzo are taking up major real state on your clothes. One example that comes to mind is Gucci’s vintage tee that debuted at last year’s Resort runway show. You probably saw bloggers and celebrities wearing all last year. That shirt is still getting a lot of play this year too.

3.     Wide-leg Pants

This trend is a continuation from 2017. Whether they’re high-waist or cropped, I’m loving this because these are two styles I would have been made fun of for wearing in grade school. If I wore High-waisted pants I would be called Steve Irkle. I used to wear my pants so high and I still do. and if I dared wear a pair of cropped pants, you better believe someone would ask where’s the flood? Just rude. This actually happened to me. I grew up in a time where affordable pants weren’t made for tall and lanky girls. It’s okay, no hard feelings.  I was just ahead of my time.

4.     Cleavage

This one gives you the opportunity to show what your mama gave ya. If you’re like me it’s not much, but I’m all about the low cut craze. And don’t think this is just for one size. This is for boobs of all shapes and sizes.

5.     Florals

My favorite. Last Spring we saw soft pink hues and in Fall we saw dark moody patterns. This spring bright and flowy patterns is what all the cool kids are wearing. Floral is one of those trends for me that should just graduate into an essential. I can wear floral all year round where it’s in style or out of style. And I will.

6.     All Sheer Everything

I’m talking tops, bottoms, dresses in lace, netting, and even clear, plastic looking fabrics. Unlike the boob trend, you don’t have to bear it all. These see-through garments are meant to go over or under the outfit of your choice.

7.      High Sexy Slits

I dare you to say that 10 times fast . That’s not that hard, actually. You’ll see slits in shirts, skirts, dresses, and even pants. Don't miss your chance to go slit it up this spring and summer

8.     Fringe

It’s probably the hippie in me, but I’m looking forward to this one excited me. If you’re not into Fringe I need you to hide jacket, hide your purse, hide your bracelet, because they’re putting fringe on everything.

9.     Bold Mixed Prints

I love this one too. It may be intimidating on the surface but the trick is at least one color needs to be present in each different pattern.  If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

I hope you feel a little trendier. Thank you so much for reading.

Tish YvetteComment