The Best Moments and Looks From The Royal Wedding 2018

The Royal Wedding was a beautiful occasion where America and Britain came together to rejoice for love. It was a perfect mixture of British and American traditions. The fashion of the day was not really my cup of tea, but I could appreciate the beauty of every style choice. View some of the outfits and watch a video of the best moments of that historical day below.

I woke up early on Saturday Morning to catch the live broadcast of Meghan and Harry's wedding. My time consisted of a lot of sitting and waiting for an hour watching guests arrive, another hour of the wedding ceremony, and another hour or so of the carriage ride, commentary, and recaps. I managed to compile some of the best moments of the day into 18 minutes. Enjoy the abridged version and don't miss how Harry looked at Meghan at the ceremony. It's so beautiful! 

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