I used to be a fashion blogger

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Not long ago, I was a fashion blogger.

Photo by my photographer friend,  Kevin Kleitches

Photo by my photographer friend, Kevin Kleitches

Almost one year ago, I tweeted a link to my very first blog post on Twitter; it was about 'workin it' in your work wear and why I created that blog.

Nobody liked the tweet, but it was exciting non-the-less.

Nobody liked the tweet, but it was exciting non-the-less.

The blog lasted a few months covering topics like where I bought my outfit, how to wear ripped jeans, and how to clean suede shoes. I was having fun with my fashion/style blog until I wasn't. I felt like it lacked depth; this is probably a result of me really just wanting to show the outfits I put together and not necessarily educating my audience about how to get to the finished product. I found it hard to articulate how my outfits came to be. My combinations didn't have a formula, they just happened.

Another Kevin Titus Photo

Another Kevin Titus Photo

I quickly realized I no longer enjoyed dressing up and posing for the camera every week. I feel more powerful, more creative, more alive behind the lens. Those of you who've been here before may have noticed a little change in tishyvette.com. It's now my photography business, blog, and whatever else it grows to be.

My new and improved blog will contain fashion aspects because I am a fashion photographer. I'll talk about the best outfits for certain situations, types of poses, and more. In addition to that, I'll cover photography tips and tricks, photo shoot results, my experiences, and marketing/business education. I hope you can find something here that speaks to you. Don't forget to subscribe to receive a monthly recap of popular blog posts, updates, and other goodies. Let me know if there is something you would like to see; I'll do my best to deliver.

Check out some old photos from my fashion blogger days. Enjoy! 


Thanks for going down memory lane with me.

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