Oh, Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. Let me introduce myself. You can call me Tish Yvette. 

Fashion is an obsession of mine, and I want to share it with you because it’s something that has changed my life.  I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, ‘really? How does something as trivial and materialistic as what you’re wearing change your life?’ Well, let’s start from the beginning.

As a young girl in elementary school I was blind to style of any kind. It didn’t matter to me or anyone else, for that matter. There were more important things to worry about like what food item I would barter at lunch time or will rain ruin recess? I didn’t acknowledge my appearance until everyone else did. My tall, gangling, boyish frame and dark skin were not the envy of my awkwardly developing counterparts. I decided to view myself how I felt others viewed me. Not the best idea, by the way. My low self-esteem and negative opinion of my appearance followed me far past my college years. I dressed how I felt inside, which produced pretty questionable outfit choices.

One day I fell into the captivating black hole known as YouTube. YouTubers like Chriselle Lim, Shirley B. Eniang, and Mimi Ikonn instantly inspired me to snap out of it; these women made developing personal style seem so attainable. Before this point, I had an interest in fashion for quite some time but never felt I could pull it off. So the journey began. I experimented with different looks. Some were a hit and some, no so much. Eventually, I started feeling different. I stood up straighter, walked with a purpose, and people started to treat me differently. I began to see the beauty that was there the whole time.  The clothes didn’t amplify my confidence; it was the act of investing time and effort into myself and realizing I’m worth it.

Every woman should feel beautiful because she is beautiful. Beauty, not according to the standards society creates, but what SHE feels is beautiful.  Every woman should experience that look in the mirror when she knows there is no question that she looks amazing. You know, the look when you squint your eyes a little, prance around and contort your body in poses that would look strange to repeat out in public.

My goal is to share what I know and what I love about Fashion. I want to inspire women to pursue their personal style one blog post at a time.